Diesel's Diary

Read about how Diesel, the new addition to the family is getting on...

As soon as Debbie said that she had picked the liveliest, boldest, most alert puppy I knew we would be in for an interesting ride! When she went on to say that her current Border Collie was house trained within 2 days and would ask to go out if she needed to I smiled and said that this was not normal (which Debbie did know, but had rather forgotten...)

Diesel arrived at 8 weeks, and screamed all the way home. After various amusing episodes Debbie told me about him 'discovering' the sludge covered waterfall and I said that she really had to write this down. This highly entertaining diary is the result, and will hopefully give owners an insight into how much work a puppy really is, and well as being moral support for other owners of a 'Diesel'.

Day 1
Getting into the car with Diesel, I was like a proud mother, I couldn't wait to get him home and show him off. Once the engine started, so did Diesel, barking, squealing, howling, all rolled into one. I took a chew and a soft toy with me just in-case I needed to entertain him on the way home. He wasn't interested, he was the one doing the entertaining - he wouldn't shut up! After 1 hour both my husband and myself had a headache. (A good start eh?) Once inside I took him into the garden, after having a wee I told him what a good boy he was.

The next step was introducing him to the other 2 dogs, I didn't think this would be a problem. How wrong can you be? Sam my Daschund thought he was wonderful but Rosie my Border Collie, hated him, and every time he went near, she snapped at him. Thankfully he is a confident puppy and didn't seem too bothered. Fortunately bed time went well, he slept from 10pm to 5am. (bless him.)

Day 2
Things haven't improved with Rosie snapping at diesel. Christina suggested we introduce her dogs to him as I was concerned he might think all big dogs will attack him. The meeting went well and neither Great Dane or German Shepard attacked him. This was good as we often go for walks together. Good news, Rosie and Diesel are playing tugger together. He is now following her everywhere. They seem to be friends.

Day 3
Diesel has been to the vets today for his puppy check, all seems well and he had his first injection. Toilet training is not going too well, he'll go out for a wee and then come in and have another one. Never mind it is early days.

Day 4
Diesel seems to think my legs should be attached to his mouth, not a very good game for me as it hurts. He seems to be finding his feet and pushing his luck. He has no concept of the word NO! He thinks the word 'no' is some kind of game. He chews the carpet, I shout NO! he does it all the more I go to move him away, he runs, and then carries on chewing the carpet in another place. (Oh another good game for Diesel.)

Day 6
Still not having much success with the word 'no' I'm afraid. The soil from a large plant seems to be all over the living room floor, I shout No!, move him away, he goes straight back. This is getting very frustrating.

Day 7
Oh dear, Diesel is in disgrace once again. Today he has managed to have 3 baths. The first one was planned just to freshen him up.
The second was when he leaped into the pond, (pooh, what a pong) and the third, just as I was dishing up dinner, he decided to climb up the pond's waterfall and get covered in green smelly slime (my patience is running thin.)

Day 8
I went into work today and my boss asked me if I was alright as I looked tired. Of course I look tired I have an 9 week old 'baby' at home - it's hard work. (Surely I should be entitled to some maternity leave or something!)

Day 11
Not much has changed, he's a lovely puppy when he's asleep, unfortunately it's not when you want. Still having toileting problems, I should have shares in kitchen roll.

Day 12
When it first happened it was funny, Diesel flooded the kitchen floor by putting his paws in the water bowl and scooping out the water. He thinks this is a great game but after 4 attempts to mop the kitchen floor, the last one at 11pm, I decided to pick up the water bowl, (not quite so funny anymore.) Thankfully the floor is tiled and not carpet.

Day 16
Two days have gone by without any mess in the house - don't want to speak too soon. The older he gets the bolder he's getting, 'no' seems to be a foreign language to him. Grabbing hold of my clothes while I'm wearing them is a great game for him, but not for me as it hurts.

Day 18
Hooray! Today Diesel barked at the back door to go out for a wee. Maybe we've turned a corner at last.


These have been very long hard and tiring. I assumed already having a collie, if I done everything the same way with Diesel everything would be fine. Oh! how wrong can you be. He is very bold and pushy, pushing his luck as far as he can all the time.

FOOD! This is the best thing in the whole wide world, even if it's not his, (ESPECIALLY if it's not his!) He is such a thief, he will steal anything he can get his paws on and he is so quick.

We were going for a day out one Sunday and I decided to do a pack up. I buttered the rolls then went to the fridge to get some pickle, bearing in mind the fridge is 2 steps to the right. When I got back to the rolls one was missing. A very sweet and innocent puppy sat looking at me, then all of a sudden his mouth started to move, he obviously couldn't keep it still any
longer. He had the whole roll in his mouth. This was a lesson for me to learn. Don't leave anything in his reach!

Another time I cooked my meal (chicken), put it on the table and realised I'd forgotten my knife and fork. Remembering to move the plate out of Diesel's way I went to get my cutlery. As I turned round I saw Diesel jumping off the chair with my chicken in his mouth and scarpering down the hallway, by the time I got to him the chicken had disappeared and he sat wagging his tail and licking his lips. This is so frustrating, there's me thinking I'm one step ahead of him when in reality I think he's two steps ahead of ME!

One good thing about him liking food so much, is he will do anything for it, so his training is coming on in leaps and bounds, he is always eager to learn new things.

Diesel's love for water hasn't passed, although we have progressed from water bowls. Now it's the dirtiest muddiest puddle he can find. I think I spend more time cleaning up after him than I do anything else (sweet boy.) I keep thinking the older he gets the better he'll be but it doesn't seem to be turning out like that.