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ICC Displays

Team Displays

Members of the ICC team are available to do training demonstrations and arena displays. Due to time constraints early booking is usually essential. Also, due to the number of displays we are invited to do there will be a charge, even for charity events (most of the displays that we are invited to are charity events and after paying our expenses ourselves for many years we are sadly no longer able to do so.) Prices vary and depend upon location and requirements.

Past displays have included our central ICC Display Team performing in the main arena at Belton International Horse Trials in April 2009, Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials, The CLA Game Fair, and Dogs Unleashed.

Please contact your local centre manager or, for national events you may also wish to contact Christina (see below...)

Christina Oxtoby and Her Dogs

Christina is an Advanced Freestyle Handler, having competed at the Crufts Freestyle finals, and being a member of the British Team for the European Championships. She is also an experienced performer at events very large to very small around the UK. She and her dogs can be relied upon to produce an entertaining and informative display. Her dogs are also very good with people and the display can include members of the public joining the display (usually children.) Be prepared to laugh, be amazed, have fun and discover what a great relationship you can build with your own dog at home.

'One woman, 3 dogs, a microphone and some music!'

Please contact Christina for prices and other details...