Kind handling, reward based dog training

Heelwork-To-Music/Canine Freestyle (Dancing with dogs!) Levels Beginner 2-3, Advanced 4-6

Class dates and times -

Times - 6:30-7:30pm and 7:30-8:30pm.

Instructed by - Lucy (Intermediate Freestyle Handler, Novice Heelwork Handler)

When - Every 2nd Friday of the month.

Please Contact Lorraine for more information and to book.

Beginner Class - HTM from the beginning. We introduce new moves and there are usually plenty of new moves each month for people to choose to practice moves that suit their dog. We also introduce the idea of gradually fitting some of the moves to music and what to consider when choosing music for a routine. It is expected that dogs will already have some idea of training and owners will have some idea of clicker training (from level 1 puppy or beginner classes.)

Advanced Class - By the time dogs move into this class they are already putting routines together. The abilities in this group range from those who are half, tentitively, thinking about 'possibly competing one day in a few years time if you really think we're ready' (!) to those sucessfully competing at Intermediate level.

Private Lessons - Many people in the advanced class also book a private lesson once a month to work on specific things in their routines.

Group rouintes - These are done every now and again and are great fun when we do organise them! Often two seperate routines are choreographed, one for the beginners and the other for the more advanced dogs. These can then be performed at various displays, often throughout the summer.