Kind handling, reward based dog training

ICC Platinum classes, Hougham - Level 5+

Class dates and times -

  • Wednesdays 7:15-8:15pm. Instructed by Lorraine. PLACES AVAILABLE? Limited.

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By now owners are well and truly 'hooked' on dog training purely for the fun of it and the enjoyment of spending quality time with their dog. The dogs are very well trained by this point, the owners know a lot about how to train their dogs and we're simply giving them a chance to continue by setting further challenges for them to learn. The class is a follow on from the Kennel Club Gold class and ICC is currently writing its own sylabus for a Platinum award for owners to choose the areas that they would like to work on from the various sections available.

Currently the classes include a mixture of further understanding of the finer points of dog training with times when the class instruct and help each other, understanding more of dog behaviour, and practical times of training Agility, Competitive Obedience, Rally O, and Heelwork-to-Music (dancing not essential!) We also encourage owners to think of things that they would like to teach their dog and so far they have thought of and taught their dog to - help with the clothes washing, take off their owner's shoes and socks, open the fridge fetch a can of drink and then close the fridge door again, fetch the TV remote, put their toys away, press various targets to build up to opening and closing doors and turning lights on and off etc. We have a very enjoyable time and by this stage all members of the class are good friends (although new members are always made to feel very welcome.)

Cost - £35 per month based on 4 lessons per month. If you have more than one lesson per week you qualify for a second lesson discount making the second lesson £26 per month.