The ICC Team

Founder, Owner and Head of ICC Dog Training - Christina

HOUGHAM - Branch Manager - Lorraine

Team - Anna (Instructor) / Heather (Instructor) / Lucy (Trainee Instructor) / Sarah (Trainee Instructor) / Naomi (Class Assistant) / Sue (Class Assistant and Display Team Organiser) / Merle (Class Assistant and Canine Massage Therapist)

SPILSBY - Branch Manager - Debbie

Team - Penny (Agility Instructor) / Janice (Trainee Instructor) / Rita (Class Assistant)

CAMBRIDGE - Branch Manager - Christina

Team - Melissa / Kerry-Anne (Instructor, Degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. Contact - Kerry-Anne@iccdogtraining.co.uk ) / Gemma M. (Instructor, Senior Vet Nurse specialising in Anaesthesia at Cambridge Vet School. Contact - Gemma@iccdogtraining.co.uk ) / Susannah (Instructor, Postgraduate Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling from Southampton University, provisional member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC), which means having gained the relevant academic qualifications she is gaining the practical experience necessary for full membership. Contact - Susannah@iccdogtraining.co.uk ) / Nina (home boarding, dog walking and trainee class assistant.)

Friends of ICC - Gemma (vet) / Janet / Jan / Kate / Kathy / Mary / Sabrina / Barbara / Alison / Cathy (who runs Mysty's Rescue Home for Dogs) / Gaynor and Georgie / Elaine / Becca / Melanie