Melissa - Instructor and Behaviourist - Contact -

Melissa has moved from being a guest member of ICC to being a full ICC Team Member. Further details about her can be seen on her own web-site Streetwise Dog. (Due to time limitations and home moving she now no longer offers training other than through ICC's classes and private lessons.)


Below is a list of organisations and memberships Melissa has joined or is in the process of joining, and courses, seminars and workshops she has completed or is in the process of completing:


Affiliated Organisations:

COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers (CAPBT) - Affiliate Member 2009 - 2010

Pet Dog Trainers of Europe (PDTE) - in process of joining

The Association of Intuitive Natural Training for Owners and Dogs (Into Dogs) - in process of joining


Main Qualifications:

COAPE Advanced Diploma in The Practical Aspects of Companion Animal Behaviour & Training - DipCABT (COAPE) NOCN (2009)

BSc (Hons) Psychology: Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge  (2003)


Extended Training:

Suzanne Clothier: The Elemental Animal (September 2009)

Virginia Broitman: Clicker Training to reduce stress in Shelter Dogs (August 2008)

Brenda Aloff: Canine Language and Social Interaction (August 2008)

Brenda Aloff: Dealing with Aggression and Fear in Dogs (August 2008)

Patricia McConnell: The Other End of The Leash Workshop (August 2008)

Ken McCort: Getting in tune...Learning to read your dog's body language (July 2008)

David Ryan: Predatory Chase Behaviour - APBC Conference (June 2008)

Turid Rugaas: Handling Skills (May 2008)

CIDBT: General Canine Problem Behaviour (December 2007 – ongoing)

Claire Hargrave & Kendal Shepherd: Canine Aggression - APBC Conference (November 2007)

Anglia Ruskin University: Applied Behaviour (September 2002 – February 2003)

Anglia Ruskin University: Behaviour Modification (April – July 2002)

Sue Sternberg: Temperament Evaluation Workshop (May 2000)

Kym Lawrence: Aggression Rehabilitation Workshop (May 2000)

Rachel Casey: Canine Aggression  - APBC Conference (April 2000)

Gwen Bailey, Kym Lawrence: Behaviour Modification  - APBC Conference (February 2000)

Stephen King: Clicker Training Workshop (November 1999)



Dog Observation: Various training centres and re-homing centres across the UK and USA

Wolf Observation: Wolf Creek Habitat and Wolf Park

Social Walking: In small groups and in pairs, getting fearful or stressy dogs used to other dogs in a low stress environment.

Clicker Training: Small groups and one-to-one

Positive Dog Training: Running and supporting classes

Wood Green Animal Sanctuary’s Rehabilitation Centre, Cambridgeshire: Volunteer in Dog Section

Animal Aunts, Hampshire: Animal Carer & Dog Walker.