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I currently have lots of wonderful news from over the summer that I need to update as soon as I have time, however I do need to warn you all - Please avoid walks in the woods everyone. I've heard from a friend that one of her three collies was very ill with SCI (Seasonal Canine Illness) All 3 dogs were on lead, they didn't go in any water, but she was the only one to walk over some stink bomb type fungi which she didn't eat but did breathe in. She has now recovered but was extremely ill. Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire are affected as are other areas. Click for a newspaper report and click for more info about it.


20th July 2011 - Huge CONGRATULATIONS to ICC Team Members Gemma, Sarah, Lucy and Naomi for passing their APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) exam (theory, practical and aural tests.) We're all really proud of you!


8th July 2011 - I have been asked to pass on the following message. Any of us who have had the sadness of loosing such a wonderful dog of our own will know why I posted it on here...

Joshua is a special needs young man with cerebral palsy. Jesse, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever had his life cut short when stricken with canine leukemia. Jesse was Josh's one true best friend -- he loved Josh unconditionally and vice versa. When we first got a Toller, we were concerned that this high-energy, excitable breed might not have been the best choice for Josh. But we soon learned that although Jess would jump up and flatten anyone who got in the way of his excitement, with Josh this sensitive and intuitive creature was gentle and loving. Out of Josh's extreme and distressing sadness, came the surprising ability to put this little tribute together on his own with no direction. It was not only astounding but once again proved that love has no bounds. The YouTube link Josh checks YouTube all day long to see if he's getting any "hits" and "comments" which to him, means his dog is being embraced by a lot of people.


7th, 8th and 9th July 2011 - Watch out for Debbie with Diesel who have been asked to perform at the Embassy Theatre, Skegness. We're all cheering you on!


1st July 2011 - Good news from Defra about changes to the Pet Passport Scheme for anyone travelling abroad with their pets.


June 2011 - It's official - training your dog with us helps with their health! We've had 4 dogs recently who have needed to go to the vets and all of the vets involved were impressed with how helpful they were! Jade did a 'flat, stay' and lay on her side (something taught in our more advanced classes) whilst her stitches were removed, Max put his front feet on his owner's arm whilst his stitches were being removed (also taught in our classes) another dog did a sit, stay on the weighing scales (something taught in puppy and beginner classes,) and Charlie did a 'flat, stay' at a distance whilst he was x-rayed meaning that it was able to be done without sedation. We are sometimes asked in our more advanced classes why we teach things that at the time don't seem very practical. The answer? You end up with a highly obedient dog who trusts you and will pretty much do whatever you ask, whenever you ask it. (Photographers love my dogs because whatever I ask them to do, they do and wherever I ask them to look, they look!)


June 2011 - It's 'Proud Auntie' time again! Congratulations to Eze's litter brother Kyp who has won 6 firsts and 2 seconds at grade 7 agility so far this year - well done Jo and Kyp from Christina and Eze!


12th June 2011 - You can now sign a petition on-line against the new Beagle breeding and testing facility due to be opened in the UK.


Also, please can you sign a petition to stop long animal transport around Europe (these are farm animals that will then go on to be slaughtered.) Thank you!


6th June 2011 - I've (Christina) just got back from the most wonderful week away with David and the dogs - the first time we've all been camping together and we found the perfect place. AMAZING views for 12 miles (sits between 2 national parks on a working hill farm,) 22 fenced acres just for us and our dogs to run around in, very quiet (just us there!) but also just 3 miles from Barnard Castle (a pleasant little town,) very friendly and helpful, good value, electric hook up, wonderfully clean with individual shower rooms with a shower, sink and loo, (brand new because they'd only been open 2 weeks!) very easy to get to (just up the A1 in County Durham.) They also have a mobile home you could stay in. (No, they didn't ask me to write this - I just thought some of you would like to know about it!)

The details are - Mark - Tel - 01833 695245 or 07773332903 / E-mail - mark@markburton.orangehome.co.uk Bowfield Farm, Boldron, Barnard Castle, Durham, DL12 9SU


21st May 2011 - Message from Lorraine (Branch Manager for ICC Hougham) - Thank you to everyone involved with the displays at Brant Broughton. You were all great, it ran very smoothly and I'm so proud of what you all achieved individually and as a team. What fab people, fab dogs, fab day.


15th May 2011 - Please support the BUAV in opposing plans to build a beagle breeding facility for animal testing in Grimston, East Yorkshire. These animals will be bred to suffer and die in testing laboratories in Grimston, East Yorkshire. It is important for the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and councillors to know the strength of opposition there is to such a facility. Please write to -
The Head of Planning and Development Control
East Riding of Yorkshire Council
East Riding of Yorkshire
HU17 9BA

Include reference11/01324/STPLF
Although the date at the end of this article says online response has to be in by the 2 May you can still write to the council.


13th May 2011 - Thought you might like a funny video clip I saw on U-Tube.


26th April 2011 - Well done to Judith with Monte on your Grade 1 jumping win (his first clear round and he won the class!) Although Judith isn't officially part of ICC anymore she is still a friend of ICC (who could ever forget the great fun we all had as part of the display team together!) and we're delighted for you.


12th April 2011 - For those of you who loved the video I linked to on the 29th March, I've found another video from the making of it - great fun! See outtakes and the other camera angles we couldn't see!


6th April 2011 - The RSPCA rather desperately need fosterers to take in animals of people (mostly women) fleeing from domestic abuse until their owners are settled and able to have them back. (BBC Clip.)


4th April 2011 - Details of our Activity Holidays are now on our web-site on our Workshops Page - we expect places to fill very quickly so please book early to avoid disappointment (we're really looking forward to these holidays!)


3rd April 2011 - We've updated the Workshops Page


2nd April 2011 - Finally a little bit of good news from Japan from the BBC.


29th March 2011 - A fun dog music video on U-Tube.


18th March 2011 - A quick message to all of those at ICC Cambridge who are finding your large, powerful, unruley dogs a challenge (!) (and are waiting for the head collars to come in that Christina has found that she likes) to say that she found them at Crufts and they are now stocked at Poochie Parlour in Arbury Court, Cambridge.


13th March 2011 - Good luck to all of the many ICC trainees competing at Agilitynuts on Sunday - especially those in the top 3 places in the league. We're all cheering you on! UPDATE - See how they got on, on our Congratulations page!


10-13th March 2011 - You can watch Crufts on-line.


9th March 2011 - Horizon had a very interesting programme on last night (links to the BBC i-player) about re-releasing wolves to the wild.


5th March 2011 - Christina is a very proud Auntie! Eze's litter brother Kyp had his first agility show now he's grade 7 and despite Jo (his owner) thinking she had done a nice, safe training round he won the class by nearly a second.


12th February 2011 - The Animal Health Trust is currently conducting research into the new and deadly disease SCI (Seasonal Canine Illness.) Click to find out more and protect your dog (follow the shortcut menu to the left of their screen.)


6th February 2011 - Well Done to ICC Branch Managers Debbie and Lorraine who (after a gruelling day at the Kennel Club!) are now Official Assessors for the KC Good Citizens Bronze Awards.


February 2011 - ICC has a new award to be presented through its Hougham Branch. Teal'c was a Rottie who was a dog in a million and one of life's charactors. She was rescued by Sue and although she had a multitude of health problems became an ICC Meet and Greet Dog at numerous shows (as well as part of our Display Team.) Along the way she become loved by all who got to know her and she certainly had a sense of humour! The 'Teal'c Award' will be presented later on this year to a 'Veteran Dog with Charactor!'


15th January 2011 - Beginners HTM and Freestyle Training Day with Christina Oxtoby - This was a lovely day. We had 8 great, fun dogs with lovely owners who worked hard but had plenty of laughs along the way (possibly most of all when we came to the dance and choreography part of the day!)


Older News

You may be interested in some of the things that ICC has been involved in during the past.

Our Display Team were performing in the main arena at Belton International Horse Trials in April 2009.

We were then asked to perform at Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials, The CLA Game Fair, and Dogs Unleashed.