Old News - 2005


In September 2005 Ichthus Canine Centre will be one year old! My very sincere thanks go to every one of you for making it such a success. To celebrate we will be holding a ‘Bring and Share Buffet.’ EVERYONE that has attended any course is welcome to come to the buffet - please let me know if you would like to come. This evening will be free of charge, but to keep costs down it will be operated on a basis of bringing some food or drink with you and everyone sharing what they have brought. Sorry, but due to noise and numbers this evening will be without dogs. It will give owners (and partners) an opportunity to meet and chat.

UPDATE - We had such a lovely time that this will be repeated in 2006 on the 23rd September.


We are delighted to welcome Paddy as a guest member of our training team. She will be running our Competitive Obedience Course, and our Show Ring training. Her experience will be a huge asset, and we are looking forward to working alongside her. To find out more about her follow this link - Paddy.


This Summer has seen a lot of change as far as our training venue is concerned. We were unable to continue to use our old venue in Sudbrook, and for a stressful few weeks were without a training home. It has turned out wonderfully though as we now have our own premises that we can rent (rather than hire) which means that they are ours to put flooring down to do agility.


Look out for us at the Grantham Carnival (18th June 2005.) We will be running free training around an obstacle course, flyball, doing demonstrations, and our shop will be there. Members of staff as well as the Support Team will be available for help and advice on most things from behaviour and training, classes and workshops, to how to fit a harness!

UPDATE - This was a wonderful day, and I was so proud of my dogs (who had never done anything quite like that before.) They coped with the incredibly hot weather remarkably well. (This was a relief because Caleb - the Great Dane - sinks into a panting heap even in warm weather, but after 2 hours of cold water being poured over him, and watching Asaph, my other dog, do her demonstrations he felt that it was now his turn!) I was also very pleased with how well they coped with the crowds. Although Asaph takes everything in her stride, Caleb used to have a child phobia, and was frightened of some men when he was younger, but he managed very well, possibly the weather making him too hot to care!

I must also say a HUGE thank you to the team who did a wonderful job, and were so supportive.