Kind handling, reward based dog training

Spilsby Agility Classes

Please be aware that classes fill up very quickly. Early booking is highly recommended.

Class dates and times -

For further details please contact Debbie - Phone - 01754 830192 Click to E-mail.

Cost - £10 per lesson, payable monthly

We are particularly proud of our agility classes. Our combined understanding of agility how dogs learn and the cause and effects of stress means that our classes are, to the best of our knowledge, unique.

We run a variety of agility classes ranging from an Introduction to Agility for beginners to more advanced Competition Classes. Classes are arranged to minimise stress for the dogs (dogs are allowed to move out of the way when they are not working meaning that they are unlikely to learn unhelpful things like barking and lunging at other dogs or nipping owners!) creating a fun, relaxed working environment.

Dogs work one at a time and can wait in one of the stalls when they are not working. Although class sizes are kept very small (typically 4 or 5 in a class unlike many other agility clubs who often have about 15 dogs per class) please be prepared for the fact that you will not be working solidly for the whole of the lesson. Owners are also asked to help set up and clear away the equipment.

Young Dogs - Because their bones are still developing until they are at least 12 months old (18 months / 2 years in giant breeds) it can be dangerous for dogs to jump or land off contact equipment until they are fully grown (and their bones fully developed.) It can also be harmful for them to do a lot of running / turning.

We also find that young dogs need a lot of practice of general obedience before they are ready to take on an agility course. Our Bronze, Silver and Gold classes introduce dogs to some of the equipment and may be good classes for dogs that will eventually go on to do agility. Please contact us if you are unclear as to which class would be most appropriate for your dog.

Beginner Agility (level 2)
Agility from the beginning! Dogs will learn each piece of equipment, how to run on ahead of their handler (the majority of handlers will be unable to keep up with their dog!) as well as how to turn and follow directional commands. This class is open to all healthy dogs (vet checks are strongly recommended – see booking form) of any breed. It is very helpful if your dog already has a good sit, wait and recall (if not you may find it helpful to do a beginner general obedience course first.)

Intermediate Agility (level 3)
A follow on from Beginner Agility.

Agility Practice
Practice time for members of our agility classes. These sessions are not instructed as such but are overseen by members of our team.