Kind handling, reward based dog training

Spilsby Beginner Classes (Level 1)

Class dates and times -

  • For further details please contact Debbie - Phone - 01754 830192 Click to E-mail.


Our beginner classes are suitable for dogs age 5 months and above (with no upper age limit - you can teach an older dog new tricks, it just might take them a little longer if they haven't had any training before!) The classes are designed to take into account that a number of the dogs there may be either over-excited or frightened and the course is designed to settle them in the first few weeks so that they are relaxed enough to be able to learn. Stressed dogs cannot learn which is why we make sure that we take that into account during our lesson structure. There are usually a maximum of 6 dogs per class with an instructor and also often an assistant as well so you can be sure of lots of individual help and attention. Please note that all dogs must be up-to-date with their vaccinations. Our eventual aim is the same as most owners - a well-mannered and socially acceptable dog who can go anywhere with them. This aim is carried through our follow-on courses as well.

By the time dogs reach 6 months of age they will all have slightly different training and behavioural requirements. Some dogs do very well in a class environment, but others find it difficult to concentrate in a class and do better when they are able to learn new things without distractions. They can then be introduced to other dogs on a social walk or in a later class. Because of this if you think that your dog may bark in classes you may be offered a free assessment before being accepted onto a beginner course.

The Beginner course will include:

  • Five practical lessons mixing good social skills with basic exercises including sit, down, stays, recall, walking on a loose lead, fun confidence building courses, clicker training, helpful handling / grooming techniques for owners, and pretend vet inspections. We will also give help and advice on other areas of training that you may be having problems with.
  • A theory session on understanding your dog, learning how they think and learn, how they communicate and how best for you to communicate with them. Understanding the theory behind clicker training and how to help your dog to learn what you want them to.
  • A clicker
  • Weekly handouts to remind you of what to practice at home!