Kind handling, reward based dog training

Spilsby / Skegness Behavioural Consultations - Level 1

Due to the fact that people and dogs speak different languages and have different ideas about what is socially acceptable problems can sometimes arise. We offer one to one help and advice to overcome these problems usually in the form of a behavioural consultation. Some problems can be eliminated completely, whilst others can be brought within a more manageable level. Very occasionally we cannot help and we will give you an honest assessment of the situation if we think that we are unable to improve it. Usually the sooner that we can start work to overcome the problem the more chance we have in being successful in solving it before it has time to become an ingrained habit.

Behavioural consultations are especially helpful when group classes are not appropriate, particularly if your dog has issues with other dogs or the problems need specific help which is unlikely to be covered in classes. If the problems are just that your dog is untrained and very excitable around other dogs it may be that Private Lessons are appropriate.

There are a number of things that we can cover during a Behavioural Consultation. These include - very over excited and uncontrollable behaviour, aggression (to other dogs or people,) barking (both generally and / or lunging and barking on the lead,) separation problems, house training related problems, destructive behaviour, fearful behaviour, guarding of people, articles, or areas, and anything else that you may be having issues with.

Yes, I need some help with my dog... now what do I do? Firstly, take your dog to the vet to have a complete health check. Explain that you are having behavioural problems and we need to eliminate heath problems as a possible cause. This may sound a strange course of action but some of the problems that we have seen in the past have had purely medical reasons for them. These included a 6 month old Rotweiler in one of our classes who had suddenly gone from a very sweet natured dog to becoming unpredictably aggressive. We realised that this was particularly bad after exercise and then began to see that this dog was not walking normally (although this was not immediately obvious and was only picked up by a Senior Instructor because they had seen so many dogs move that they were able to see abnormalities.) Following the Instructor's advice the owner took their dog to see a vet who was able to diagnose that the dog had hardly any hip joints. The aggression was purely pain related and once the health problem was properly dealt through their vet there was a very strong likelihood that the aggression would go as well.

Then what? Contact us (Debbie - 01754 830192) and we will arrange a time to meet you, usually in your own home. Not only is this more convenient for you but it is often where the problems occur so is a sensible place to start to treat them. We like to meet the whole family and an initial consultation will usually last for at least 2 hours. We will look at the lifestyle of your dog (usually including a '24 hours in the life of your dog') and the diet of your dog (just like children dogs can be very susceptible to additives in food,) and various other things to get more of a complete picture. We will then put a plan in place to help to improve the situation and arrange a time scale for you to then contact us again for us to do a follow-up session(s). You are the one who lives with your dog so you will need to be the one doing the work to improve the situation and we will show you how to do so.

Cost - £85 (2 hour home visit and 1 hour follow-up plus E-mail and phone support.)

For more information about ICC's approach to dealing with behavioural problems click here.