Kind handling, reward based dog training

Spilsby / Skegness Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for a number of different training reasons and can cover the following -

Basic obedience and good behaviour, advice to new dog owners (including choosing the right dog for you,) settling your new puppy / rescue dog into the home (we would always recommend attending the puppy course as well for puppies so that your puppy recieves good socialisation as well,) competitive obedience, agility, heelwork-to-music, assistance dog training, and many other things that you may wish to teach...

Private lessons are available either in your own home (particularly helpful to deal with 'busy' behaviour in your own home that may not happen elsewhere!) or at our training centre / park etc.

Cost - £25 per hour at our Spilsby training centre (plus fuel costs elsewhere depending upon location.)

Instructor - Debbie , please contact Debbie for further details...