Clients Comments and Feedback

Please find below just a few of the lovely comments our clients have left for us on our feedback forms and emails. They include comments about our talks, workshops, training classes, homeboarding and behavioural work. (Please scroll down...)

Adult Beginner Course

Dear Christina, I could not say very much at the class as I know I would have ended up crying again, but I just wanted to let you know how much Cara and I have enjoyed your classes and how very much they have changed our life. I know that everyone gets a prize and a certificate but I can't tell you how pleased we are with ours and how much they mean to me. Before I started with you I had seriously considered giving Cara away as I felt that I could not cope with her and that it was not fair for her to have such a weak owner who could not make her behave acceptably.
I knew however that smacking or any form of hurting was out of the question for me and so I tended to keep her away from situations that might cause a problem, but this obviously made the situation worse. During and since your classes we are a different dog and a different person. People comment on how much Cara has changed, but I know it is me as well. Your patience and guidance has made me even more certain that an owner does not have to be top dog through roughness or hurting them, but neither do I have to allow Cara to get away with bad behaviour though my not being able to cope with her. You have given Cara and I a quality of life now where I TRULY love her and I am sure that she loves me in her doggy way, rather than before when I sometimes in my worst moments had thought well I am stuck with her as she is my responsibility, but I wish I was not! You have also made me realise that all dogs are not like my previous dog Sooty who was gentle and biddable, but that does not make them less lovable - just more challenging.
I hope that ICC goes from strength to strength and that your way of teaching soon becomes the accepted norm. We are both looking forward to sharing many more of your classes and can't wait to start our next course. With our very warmest thanks, S & Cara

What do you think that you and your dog have gained from the course? Confidence and enjoyment of working together. What did you think about the structure of the classes? Worked well, right numbers, right length. K

Did you enjoy the course? Yes, very much. Do you think that your dog enjoyed the course? Yes, she couldn't wait to get through the door each week. What do you think that you and your dog have gained from the course? We as handlers have gained the knowledge of how to persuade and encourage her to do what we want her to do. Did you find the handout sheets helpful? Yes, particularly useful to refer to when problems arise.

Did you enjoy the course? Yes! I feel I have gained what I hoped from it and more. Do you think that your dog enjoyed the course? Yes, as soon as I pick up my bag to come training he's wagging his tail! What do you think that you and your dog have gained from the course? He has certainly become much calmer and far more responsive when in the company of visitors (dogs and people) which I'm pleased about, as this is what I hoped to gain from the classes. Did you find the handout sheets helpful? Yes, as when I had forgetful moments I could refer to them to check I was doing things correctly. What did you think about the structure of the classes? Good in the way that the dogs and owners are encouraged to remain calm and are talked to and helped individually. Also good that we are spaced out well preventing dogs being too easily distracted! What would you have changed about the course? Nothing, I think it's all well thought out and organised. I would just like to say a big thank you to you for all your help and fun classes and I look forward to your Intermediate Course. S

Puppy Course

Hi Wendy, Just wanted to drop you a line as Lily is coming up to being a year old and L. and I wanted to thank you again for the puppy training - she is becoming a very loyal, friendly, and gentle dog. She is a typical staffie in the sense that she constantly wants to play, and have attention! and she is so "busy" as you used to say. She is now able to walk nicely on the lead (Most of the time) and she is also very good at being off lead and returning when called. She is very good with our nieces and nephews (One of my nephews always wants to hold her tail and follow her around - he is only 14 months old and Lily doesn't mind at all and walks him around nicely!!!). My niece (She is 4) loves telling her to roll over and Lily gets dizzy when she comes to play!
I don't know if you can remember my mum's dog Chester (Cocker Spaniel) and he was always barking at her and very teritorial - well they get on much better and go for walks together regularly now - Lily just bats him in the face when he barks at her!
She sits nicely with us in the evening and we have got a new bed for her that she sits in - which she would not do when she was little. She is just a great dog and we came to training with the hope of being able to have a dog that can be around children and can be around other dogs without a problem and that is what we have got, we couldn't ask for a better dog and that is thanks to you and the training. Lily has been a great source of comfort to me and has been so loyal as my mum passed away 7 weeks ago, and Lily has not left my side - we wouldn't have been able to do it without you. so thank you very much.
I have put a couple of photo's on for you to see how much she has grown! I hope you don't mind me sending this but I wanted you to know how well she was doing.
Thanks for everything, Take care, S

Dear Christina, Firstly we would like to thank you so much for our first puppy class, we all enjoyed very much and learnt lots of new training methods for Megan's development, which we are busy practising. Whilst Megan has just about mastered 'down', and can now stay as well as sit; could you offer your expertise on one area before next week? When we call megan 'Megan come' from a distance, she always returns but launches her paws on to your legs before sitting on the hand signals and voice command, how should we teach her to come and sit before us without jumping up first?...Once again thank you very much for a very enjoyable and instructive first class and we are all looking forward to this coming thursday. Yours with thanks, K R and Megan

Thank you for all your help we have found the puppy classes invaluable and Megan is responding so well and so much fun to be with. I was absolutely in awe of your Great Dane and the standard of obedience you have achieved, and hope over the next 2-3 years you can teach B and I to achieve the same with Megan.

Hi Christina, I wanted to thank you for the brilliant puppy classes, Polly and I really enjoyed them, and she is turning into a super responsive hound. S

Did you enjoy the course? Yes. Do you think that your dog enjoyed the course? Yes, when he settled. What do you think that you and your dog have gained from the course? Skills needed to train new puppies and improve / continue with him. What do you think your dog has gained from the course? More confidence in himself, and I think he's found he enjoys learning! Did you find the handout sheets helpful? Yes, thanks! What did you think about the structure of the classes? Very good, ideal class sizes in a safe and controlled environment. What would you have changed about the course? Nothing, it was very well organised! Thank you for all the help, will hopefully be able to continue his training further with you!

Lucy is doing fine by the way, she is really well behaved, something that we can only put down to all the time you and your instructors spent with us. Thanks for all your help. P & A


THANKS A MILLION! - Christina, thank you so much for the home-boarding for our lively 8-month Springer Spaniel for the week, although he was a handful we could really see the difference in his disposition when we collected him! All the hard work massively appreciated. Your advice and recommendations on how to calm his excitable nature were priceless - the play and feeding techniques you gave us have really helped us to teach him some self-control. He's even following us through the house off the lead, and sitting with us in various rooms without being on the lead - unimaginable a few weeks ago! So once again, thanks a million!
Rich and Becca

Christina, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the boarding service you provided for Archie. He had a fantastic time with Debbie and her family and we were able to enjoy a relaxing couple of days away without worrying about Archie as we knew he had the company, attention and the loving home environment that he is used to at home. Please pass on our thanks to Debbie for making Archie (and all of us!) feel very welcome and at home.
Best wishes
Sophie Perkins

Christina I just wanted to drop you a line to say how delighted I am with the Home Boarding Service.
I just couldn't imagine putting my 6 month old puppy, Marley,  into kennels where if I was lucky he'd be walked twice a day. He'd have had no stimulation, no interaction, human or doggie, no company and no one to play with. Kennels would also have undermined all the progress Marley had made re toilet training. Instead I took advantage of your new service & he went to Debbie and her family.
From the moment I took Marley to meet Debbie it was love at first sight. He took to her and her dogs immediately and Debbie looks after him like one of her own. So much so that when we came back to collect him after his first 2 night stay, he barked at me, didn't want to leave and I had to physically man handle him into the car. He's stayed again since and is about to start a two week stay. I can't tell you what it means to me to know that he is so well cared for. He loves going to Debbie, it's like he's on holiday as well. I can't recommend you highly enough.
Sandra Macrae


Dear Christina, Just to let you know your advice is working with Jack and Megan! Although the behaviour isn't completely eradicated it is much improved - thanks for the help you gave us... Once again many thanks for your help and we look forward to attending your classes in due course. J


‘I would like to say thank you very much for every thing - you are a really good teacher.’ – U and Kiki

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed yesterday morning and Fizz came good with what she might be able to do. I am very stiff, need to practice my quick sprints I think! Look forward to next week, regards S

Follow-on Classes

(E-mail to Christina during a time when E's dog was being a trial!) Thanks, you're better than a bottle of wine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but maybe not chocolate? How much do you think I would get in exchange for Bracken... E

Hiya! Just thought I'd let you know L. Won starters htm and came 2nd in starters freestyle on Sunday! ...He was such a star thanks for your hard work with him! Love N. xx

Good Citizen Tests -

Dear Christina,
Thank you, and I am exhausted, so I know you will be too. How did you get on? I wanted to say thank you for your support and consideration, I am pleased I was close to you to be able to receive it. I was really nervous. You are a good trainer... K. and S. x

Thanks, Christina and well done to you and your little band of pooches too. You worked very hard yesterday having to coordinate three dogs of your own as well as getting the rest of us organised. Much appreciated, lovely lady!
See you on Tuesday. J xx

Talks / Workshops

Christina, Just a quick note to say thank you for arranging the Attila workshop. I throughly enjoyed it yesterday and was really impressed with the ability of the other handlers and particularly the talents of all their dogs, especially your Great Dane, you were both a pleasure to watch. Keep up the good work and please let me know of any other workshops you organise in the future. Thanks again. A

Hi Christina, Just a quick thank you for arranging such an informative workshop with Atilla. A and myself thoroughly enjoyed the day and were disappointed to be unable to stay until the end, especially with Atilla working his own dog. I hope we did not miss too much. Will you be arranging any more HTM days - presumably not this year but maybe next year. Thanks again - I know how much work is involved with an event like this. L

May I say thank you very much for the talk night last Thursday, both my husband and I found it fun, informative and have been studying Jessie ever since. J

Hello Christina, I just wanted to E-mail you to say a big thank you for the Heelwork-to-Music course yesterday. Willow and I had a great time and learnt so much from you. It is good to be able to talk and get ideas from people who share the same interest. If you do anything similar again we would be very interested. Once again thank you. Regards A and Willow

Hi Christina, just wanted to say, a little late, many thanks for a fun filled HTM day earlier in the month, we did enjoy ourselves, and Tango slept like a log that night! I would be interested in other days that you are running, such as scent training, as now he is officially retired from his chosen sport of agility, he needs lots to stimulate his mind! Thanks again, K and Tango

Hi Christina, Just thought I'd drop a line to say thanks for organising the workshop today. It was a fascinating day, full of insights. Paddy was a great speaker, and her knowledge and enthusiasm were both clearly apparent. I can't wait for the next one! L

Hi Christina, Just to say thanks for a really enjoyable day on Saturday. Ness, Allan and myself thought Richard was marvellous and we all learnt a lot. Please let me know if you arrange any other HTM workshops... L

Many thanks for the lovely training day with Richard. I learned lots. Do you want the sand back? About 3lb in the bath and another 3lb in Jake's bed not to mention the stuff I shook out of my clothes!!!... P

Hi Christina, Thanks for a great day on Saturday, really enjoyed it, even though Diesel spent half the time being a pain. Came away with some great information to put into practice. Cannot wait to get started. Thanks once again, love D

Many thanks Christina for a fabulous day on saturday! I was the one with the lights and shadows dog. Chuffed to bits coz we learned to leg weave (something we've previously had trouble with, more to do with my lack of co-ordination than anything else though!), take a bow and on the way home I had a 40 min wait for a train at Driffield station so I taught him to wipe his face too. Now us three from Bishop Burton have to write the notes up for the day to go in the appendix of our training plans, due in in a month's time. Hard work this degree, but I'm sure it will be worth it. Greetings to the mouse in the barn, hope he hasn't put a complaint in to enviro health about the noise he had to put up with! Best wishes, B x

Hi Christina, Just like to say thank-you for a great day on Saturday with the Bob Sharpe agilty workshop you put on. Had a great day, Bob is a very good instructor, he tailored the course to everyone's needs, gave some great tips to get dogs working away from owners and to concentrate on the course. I left feeling very inspired and rareing to go! Look forward to the next course and hope you do many more. Thanks again D and Diesel P.S. The caterers were great, hope they come again also.

Christina I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I really enjoyed the workshop. It was absolutely fascinating, even for a beginner like me and someone with absolutely no ambition in the Doggie Teaching world. It enabled me to glimpse the complex world that is our dogs. I learnt so much about natural behaviour that I shall never look at M. the same way. Even though M. shows no sign of aggression, watching him last night interact with dogs on the walk was a revelation. I also took away some key training points and am going to start today on the "Lift" and "That'll Do" commands.
Anne is a fabulous instructor - she has a way of explaining complex information through everyday examples that really enables everyone to understand and engage.
Thanks for the positive and rewarding experience. S.

Hi Christina, Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed today's session, it was very informative even though I had seen some of the info before through the Bishop Burton Course I was able to relate to alot of what Ann was talking about. Yes, I did have a few light bulb moments and her views on what L. is doing and how to handle her lack of confidence has certainly helped, it's a pity I can't make Sunday as the practical always makes things even clearer - anyway a very good day. Thanks, See you soon, L

Dear Christina, It was lovely to see you again and I must say the weekend with Anne McBride was brilliant also a lovely group. I wish you and your husband all the best for your new adventure in Cambridge and hopefully see you next year if Anne does a follow up workshop may see you before if I attend any of your other workshops. Take care, L. x

Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for organising the workshop with Anne McBride, I felt I advanced my understanding of aggression issues so much, and it was good to have the solid theoretical base to work from in looking at resolving issues. I am so glad I've discovered ICC now and hope to get up to some more events soon... Cheers, S.