Competitive Dog Training

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Dog training and behaviour articles

Cesar Millan has become a well known name in dog training. If you are interested in watching his programmes you should read the following articles in the New York Times / San Francisco Chronicle Also, the following web-site (supported by many of the largest dog training and welfare organisations around the world) is a must read about his style of dog training - www.dogwelfarecampaign.org

Dominance in dogs ('Why won't dominance die?' By the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors.)

Why Ichthus Canine Centre is against the use of electric shock collars - An article written by The Association of Pet Behaviour Councillors

Interesting training / behaviour sites

Dog-Games - Very useful harnesses, food cubes etc. for sale.

Patricia McConnell - Has written some lovely books about training and behaviour

Training deaf dogs - Deaf dogs / Barry Eaton

Doninance in Dogs - Barry Eaton

Inspiring Dog Training Videos

Training without hands / Silvia Trkman a wonderful dog trainer, twice World Agility Champion and trainer of some amazing tricks / Susan Garrett's The Journey is a beautiful clip about the lessons dogs teach us / Ok Go Dog Display - amazing and HOW much practice must that have taken to get perfect in one take... can you spot the goat?!


There are many rescue centres doing a very good job, here are links to just some of them. If you are looking for a particular breed rescue you can often find them through typing in the breed name and 'rescue' into Google.

General Rescues - CARE (a small, family run rescue, overseen by a friend of Christina's) / Dogs Trust / Contact Debbie (who often fosters a few rescue dogs needing homes.)

Breeding - Whilst ICC are not against the breeding of dogs, we are VERY strongly against all puppy farming. We view the health, temperament, rearing conditions and life of the parents, as extremely important. Never get your puppy from a pet shop, or from a breeder who has lots of litters of puppies to choose from or more than one or at the most two different breeds of dogs. (Puppy farms are horrific places that are often well disguised and puppies passed on to other people to sell, for example pet shops. As well as terrible welfare standards for the parents, puppies often become sick, costing thousands of pounds, and may even die from the bad start that they had in life. You will not be rescuing a puppy by buying them - you will just be encouraging more puppies to be bred. Good breeders will want to know a lot about you - if they are prepared for you to buy a puppy with no questions asked walk away at once - they obviously don't care about their dogs.) If you are in doubt please ask our advice - we are so keen to see dogs and people get off to the best possible start that we will be delighted to help you. Also, the APDT has written an article as a guide to help with the choosing of puppies.

Health and Grooming

The Animal Health Trust is currently conducting research into the new and deadly disease SCI (Seasonal Canine Illness.) Click to find out more and protect your dog (follow the shortcut menu to the left of their screen.)

Canine Massage - run by Merle, a member of the ICC Team

Hydrotherapy... Dip Your Paws (near Grantham) / Well Dog Hydrotherapy (Peterborough)

Dog Grooming... Poochie Parlor (Cambridge)

Lost Dogs

Dog Lost an excellent site to reunite lost dogs and owners in the UK. There is also an American site with good advice to find lost dogs.


Travelling with dogs in the UK... Driving with dogs