Lorraine – Centre Manager ICC Hougham and ICC Sleaford, Senior Instructor, Behavioural Help

Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers - MAPDT 01054

Lorraine has moved back to the UK from South Africa where she lived for 29 years. Her first experience with dogs was with Rough Collies which she bred, showed (and groomed!) for 10 years. Two of these years she won the title of Junior Handler of the year for The Collie Club of South Africa, and her competing took her to the highest level of showing in South Africa.

She then became interested in general training and obedience and it was during this time that she learnt about kind, positive handling techniques and clicker training. As well as this she competed in agility and had reached Championship level with her dogs before moving to the UK. For 2 years she also assisted animal behaviorist Eddie Foster with puppy classes and general training classes at her local vets.

Over the years she has lived with Rough Collies, rescue German Shepherds, a rescue Australian Shepherd x Border Collie and Australian Shepherds.

Lorraine first met Christina in 2004 when she was looking for her ‘doggie fix’ (Lorraine didn’t have dogs due to her moving back to the UK) She came to observe classes and Christina soon began to ask her to help. Her experience of dogs and her determination to use only positive methods of training quickly became apparent and she has been a huge benefit to the training centre ever since.

In March 2006 Lorraine was entrusted with a rescue Australian Shepherd called George whom she is enjoying training and taking for walks with her Husband of 30 years and exploring the countryside together. They are also proud parents and grand-parents.

In 2008 she took over the running of the Hougham Branch of ICC after having worked closely with Christina with the running and organization of the centre for a couple of years and is now living her dream of working with dogs full time.

February 2010 brought blue merle, Australian Shepherd, Jade into Lorraine’s life. A puppy that is extremely enthusiastic about the world. Jade currently enjoys all aspects of training and one day soon, Lorraine hopes to compete with her.