Our team

See Location (to the side) for maps and details of how to find us.

The I.C.C. Team consists of:

Grantham, Newark & Sleaford - Main Centre

  • Manager - Christina
  • Bookings – Lorraine
  • Team Co-ordinator / Project Management – Fiona
  • Behavioural Help - Christina
  • Obedience and General Instructors – Christina, Debbie, Lorraine, Anna and Wendy
  • Agility Instructors – Christina, Lorraine, Anna and Lesley
  • Guest Instructors – Paddy (Competitive Obedience and Show Ring) and Bob (Agility)
  • Class Assistants – Heather, Trace, Alison, Sabrina
  • Walk Leaders – Christina, Debbie, Mary, Heather, Kate, and Alison
  • ICC Team Members – Debbie, Lorraine, Anna, Wendy, Lesley, Fiona, Barbara, Mary, Heather, Kate, Janet, Kathy, Barry, Alison, Michelle, Trace, Sabrina and Jane
  • Guest ICC Team Members - Cathy (does dog rescue)


Members of the team also give up their spare time to support people whose dogs have problems and need one-to-one support. Each team member has been individually invited to join the team. If you would like to help us either in going for walks with people whose dog may need extra support, assisting in classes or walks or raising money for charities please let Christina know. Members of the team are asked to agree that:

  • Clients will be treated with care and consideration with a genuine concern for what it best for them and their dog.
  • Dogs will be treated kindly and with knowledgeable care.
  • Alternative therapies that go against the Christian faith will not be promoted.

If you are ever unsure about something please ask!