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If your dog is unable to cope in a class situation and displays anti-social behaviour to people or other dogs (including barking) it may be necessary to remove your dog from the class situation so that we can work on the behaviour on a one-to-one basis. (This ensures that no other dogs are adversely affected.) If you are aware of any problems that your dog may have in this area please briefly mention them here:

If your dog has any health problems that you think we should know about please mention them here:

  • We STRONGLY advise all owners to vaccinate their dogs, and keep them up-to-date with their boosters. Unvaccinated dogs are occasionally allowed onto the premises and therefore each owner is asked to care for the health of their own dog.
  • We STRONGLY advise all owners to have their dog's health checked by their vet if they are to do more energetic activities (including agility.) This is particularly true of older or over-weight dogs, or of breeds prone to heart problems, or joint problems especially larger breeds (particularly if they are to do fly-ball or agility.) Despite the fact that we take the welfare of the dogs that come to us very seriously indeed, due to the physical nature of agility it can create problems for the heath of some dogs (particularly on joints,) and each owner is responsible for the health of their own dog. We recommend that you talk to your vet about doing agility with your dog.
  • Please wear sensible shoes that are suitable for running (if you wish!) on compacted sand.
  • If you are asked to do anything that you think would be unhelpful (behaviourally or health-wise) for your dog or you, please say so - we cannot help if we do not know.
  • Occasionally we will take photos or videos for training or advertising purposes. It would be very helpful if you were happy for us to do this (and we try to make them as flattering as possible!) but if you DO NOT wish either you or your dog to be included in this please let us know.
  • Full payment will be due before the start of every course. Once we confirm your place on a course we will ask you to send a cheque with 2 days.

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